4-6 things that could go right this year

need to journal on pity

wound wash surgical smoke

ps1 moma looks like a counterstrike map I want to fucking smoke the warmup

the Darcie wilder book seems awful from what I've read of it (tyrant expert)

everyone needs to love me but they better not expect anything from me

who do you think you are I am

reading frank kermode romantic image

taking an interest in the Missa luba, learning cryptic crosswords

Remember, a contrario, the famous accounts of Poussin coming back from his walks by the Tiber, and his admirers noticing that “he carried in his handkerchief pebbles, moss, šowers, and other such- like things”—“jusqu’à des pierres, à des mottes de terre, & à des morceaux de bois” is how André Félibien puts it in his Entretiens— “which he wanted to paint exactly after nature.”

BREAKING — Denmark will cull entire herd of 17 million minks after a mutation of #SARSCoV2 found in minks spread to humans

a dream where I put a noose around my neck and the rope to a doorknob and slam the door shut, like pulling a tooth.