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who do you think you are I am

reading frank kermode romantic image

taking an interest in the Missa luba, learning cryptic crosswords

Remember, a contrario, the famous accounts of Poussin coming back from his walks by the Tiber, and his admirers noticing that “he carried in his handkerchief pebbles, moss, šowers, and other such- like things”—“jusqu’à des pierres, à des mottes de terre, & à des morceaux de bois” is how André Félibien puts it in his Entretiens— “which he wanted to paint exactly after nature.”

BREAKING — Denmark will cull entire herd of 17 million minks after a mutation of #SARSCoV2 found in minks spread to humans

a dream where I put a noose around my neck and the rope to a doorknob and slam the door shut, like pulling a tooth.