Opitz, or so says Adelung
Diana of the bears
The blue angel
Rachts & lynx
Hercules am Scheideweg (Panofsky)
Ernst Jandl
Danziger Goldwasser
Dragomanning coinage

Freud on Leonardo
Sitara + doll
The signs of life of mimetic fiction that get crushed
Or sacrificed on the altar
the fourth instance
That relentless schematization
Responses to Velasquez
Picasso on Velasquez

Spinoza - biblical criticism

Edgar Wind on pagan mysteries
Pico Della Mirandola on the Sphinx
The skull in Pieta’s dress-folds
Vasari on Michelangelo (“Never did a though arise in which death was not engraved”)
Simonides of Ceos
Foscolo’s “Grazie”
John Martin
Anacreon / Pierre
Giulio Romano — only Italian artist mentioned by Shakespeare
Shaftesbury + invention of prints in 18c UK
Leigh Hunt; Spenser on painting
Cesare Ripa’s iconography
‘Guido Reni, Carraci, Guernico’
Passe-partout (Collins’ ode to eve’n)
Claude’s enchanted castle
Thomas Cole
Ingres + Delacroix on the harem
Renoir’s Parisians in Algerian garb
Pigler’s “Barockthemen”
Formal gardens + Racinian plots
Decartes’ “esprit géométrique”
Politians’ “stanze”
Georges de la Tour
Millais’ blind girl
Louis Bertrand Castel
“Clavecin Oculaire’
!Rimbaud’s “sonnet on the vowels” - formant filter
Andersstreben - Walter
Souriau + Cleopatra’s nose
Baudelaire’s mistress’s leg + sunset
Pontelli + Perugino
“Species Mille”
Croce on aesthetics
“Ductus, or hand” - Hennin + Gothic
Pindar - “Assyrian Mitre”
“Master of the Borromeo games”
Filippo Sachetti
Leo Larguier
Dossena’s sculpture
Macpherson + Ossian
“Rowley + Chatterton”
Yukio Yashiro on Botticelli
Wilde’s Critic as Artist
Walter Pater - La Gioconda - “archivolts”
Belvedere Torso
!Vanity Fair as machining
Nineveh - quinquereme
Tradescantia - “Razorfish in shoals”
Champ + contre-champ
Keats + prints + visual arts
Canova; Thetis - palfrey
Thalestris; Godiva
Whistonian controversy
Byron’s “tales”
False targets?
Winckelmann - philoctetes/laocoon on pain
“Organ of liquors”
Scriabin; Walter Pater
Hennin + gothic pinnacle - mitre
“Les Tresors de Palmyre”
Hazlitt - “artifex artifici additus”
Winding Meander
Pater on the Gioconda
Huysmans - Bianchi Ferrari
Pope - Drayton - heroic couplet
Panofsky - “neoplatonic movement + Michelangelo” - ague?
Har + Heva
Damocles? (Astartes + sibyls)
“The sounding cataract / haunted me like a passion”
The Propylaea - stylobate - eurhythmy
Odes of Pindar
Leon Battista Alberti’s definition of beauty in ‘De re aedificatoria’ - harmony
Catalan cloister of S. Cugat Des Valles (63) - record in stone the melodic structure of sIte Confessor
Panofsky - “Gothic Architecture + Scholasticism”

Pisanello’s Saint George
Guillaume de Machaut
Chaucer’s Ugolino + Pisa
Loose construction as a symbol
A caravel sails by
Bruegel’s “Procession to Calvary”
W.H. Auden on Bruegel
Orlando Furiosa